Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 9/3

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You know all my pet peeves, Lord,
and probably some I haven't yet discovered!

You know the little things that others do that
    tick me off, 
    light my fuse,
    grind my gears
    and push my buttons...

You know the things that 
    irritate and aggravate,
    exasperate, infuriate,
    debilitate and agitate
               - me -
                as if 
                - I -
were the center of the universe,
to be handled with kid gloves,
'specially when it comes to things,
the little things that grate on me 
and on my way of doing things
and on my of saying things 
and on my way of thinking
about how all things should go...

My pet peeves, Lord:
    my bugbears, my personal vexations, 
    my petty hang-ups,
    my presumptions and obsessions 
reveal me as 
    demanding and self-centered,  
    selfish and conceited,
    overbearing, smug and pompous...

So, help me see my pet peeves, Lord,
for what they often are: 
arrogant assumptions about how the world would be
if only I had made it,
if only God were me...
Relieve me of the notion, Lord, 
that my way's always best,
that my first thought is brilliant,
that my way is the only way,
that I am always right...
Make me humble, Lord, and modest,
accepting of my neighbors' thoughts, 
respectful of their different ways
of doing things and saying things, the little things 
from which I've much to learn...

Let no small matters come between
my neighbor and myself
for when they do, then clearly, Lord,
they come twixt you and me...





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