Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 9/18

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On dark and cloudy days, Lord,
    shine your light to guide my steps...

Be the light that burns within me,
   in my corners of confusion...

Be the light upon my path
   to show the way when I am lost...

Be a light to search me out
   when I'm all huddled in the shadows...
Draw me out of my own darkness, Lord.
   into your light of peace...

Be the midday sun and share with me
  the warmth of your embrace...

Be the full moon's light in my night skies,
   to glow in all my dreams...

And be my light of shining wisdom
   when I'm foolish in my thoughts....

Be the lighthouse of my hope, Lord,
   when I'm lost, alone, at sea...

When I prefer the darkness
    or close my eyes in fear
then shine your light upon me, Lord,
   and give me strength of heart...

Brighten the darkness around me, Lord:
illumine the darkness within me, 
shine through the darkness that hides me,
burn in the darkness that chills me, 
shimmer in the darkness that dulls me,
gleam in the darkness that shrouds me,
sparkle in the darkness that clouds my hope...

Draw me out of my own darkness, Lord,
   into the light that never dims...





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