Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 9/25

I know you want to be known, Lord...

I know you want me to get to know you better and better:
    more deeply,
    more personally,
    more intimately..
And because of that  I also know 
you never stop revealing yourself to me
precisely so I might know you more and more...

So I wonder, Lord:
    how will you disclose yourself to me today?
    what clues will you give to help me find you?
    what hints will you drop to help me know what you ask of me?
    what leads will you give to help me map my journey?
    what word will you whisper to teach me your ways?
    what cues will you give to help me make wise choices?
    what signs will appear to deepen my trust in you?
    what tips will you give to point me in the right direction? 
    what traces of your presence will appear along my path today?
    what nudge will you give to help me get a move on? 
    what prompts will you offer to keep me on my toes?
Not a day goes by, Lord, without you giving me
    clues, hints, leads, 
        words, cues, signs, 
            tips, traces, nudges and prompts 
    revealing your presence and your desire
        for me to know you better and better:
            more deeply,
            more personally,
            more intimately.. 
So, today, Lord, Sunday, September 25,
    open my mind, my heart, my soul,
        all five of my senses
            and my intuition and imaginaion
    to all the ways you reveal yourself 
        and invite me to know you better and better...




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