Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 9/13

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Some days, Lord,
    in the midst of things moving way too fast 
        and far too many interruptions and distractions,
    not to mention everything weighing on my mind
        (and on my heart and soul)
    plus my worries, doubts, fears, confusion,  
        troubles, pains,sorrows and anxieties,  
some days, Lord, you manage to break through it all
    to finally get my attention,
    to open my ears to the word you speak,
    to touch me gently with your blessing,
    to mend what's broken inside me,
    to heal an ache or a pain,
    to shower me with your genereous mercy,
    to renew my hope and trust in you,
    and to help me see your goodness 
        in the world that's all around me...

Open me up to all your gifts, Lord,
not now and again but all the time: 
    may I never miss your breaking through
    to offer me some rest and peace
    in your strong and loving arms...





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