Monday Morning Offering: 10/31

Morning Coffee by George Mendoza
Good morning, good God!
O Lord, it's time for tricks and treats:
    it's Halloween and I'm at your door!

You see what's behind all the masks I wear
    so I haven't come in a costume
and I won't try to trade my tricks for your treats:
    you see through my games,
    my pranks and charades, 
    my stunts and my antics,
    my capers and cons,
        all foolish - and sometimes worse...

So, I offer this Halloween prayer, O Lord,
    a prayer for mercy and pardon
        for all my shenanigans, mischief and sins
    for the tricks I've tried to play on you
        - and for duping myself and my neighbor...
Still, I trust in your loving kindness,
so much that I’ll be bold and say, 
    "No tricks - but a treat I'll ask of you, Lord:
        the gift of a new beginning;
    treat me with mercy, healing and peace
        on the eve of the feast of All Saints;
    and fill my arms, my heart and my soul
        with the sweetness and grace of joy...





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