NIGHT PRAYER: Wednesday 10/26

They're tearing down the house I grew up in, Lord!

We moved here on my first birthday
and I played out my childhood 
right on this block, just down the street 
near the corner of Hobart and Maple...
A wee, small house it was, Lord
(an architectural afterthought)
tucked in between two much larger homes
and thus its offbeat address:  
    9½ Hobart,  Danvers, MA...

The block's being cleared for a
    residential, mixed use development 
and while I've no desire to hold back the future
I can't help but wonder if what's being planned
    can offer what I found at 9½...

It's big and it's bold but can it provide
    front steps to sit on come summer nights;
    a backyard for playing hide-and-go-seek
        and running and catching fireflies;
    a two minute walk to the Corner Store
        or a tuna sub from Betty Ann's;
    and plenty of room for making friends;
        for falling down and getting up;
    for moments of joy and times of hurt;
        for growing pains and growing up;
    for having a world where all was safe,
        where all of us cared for our neighbors
            and our neighbors all cared for us...
It was the first place I remember, Lord,
    the home I'll never forget;
though they tear it down, they'll not dismantle
    its roof over all my memories,
    its windows into my soul,
    the warmth of its coal-fed furnace,
    the love of my family sheltered and safe
        in the rooms of this wee, small house...

And besides all this, I've another home, Lord,
    a dwelling I've not yet seen:
a home that you've been preparing for me
    since before I was even conceived...
There's a place in your heart, in your Father's house,
    where I pray we'll all meet again 
when it's finally time to "come home," Lord,
    to the place where all peace dwells...

In that little house on Hobart Street
I first learned of you and your love:
    may I meet those who taught me
        and sheltered my faith
    when you call us home to you, O Lord,
        when we're all at home once again...

Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...
Heaven Is My Home   

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