Monday Morning Offering: 11/14

Morning Coffee by George Mendoza
Good morning, good God!
This morning, Lord, I offer you my day
    and all it's many parts and facets...
I offer you the 24 hours ahead of me:
    may I use my time productively,
        doing what you ask of me,
    setting aside time for play and rest and prayer,
        time to thank you for all this day may hold...
I offer you my strength today:
    may my heart and hands accomplish
        whatever you may ask of me;
    may I find the muscle I need
        to move what must be moved,
        to hold what must be held,
        to put down what must be stopped
        and lift up what must be honored,
    all the while taking care 
        to be gentle, kind and fair
        with all whose paths cross mine...
And I offer you my thoughts,  Lord:
    may your Spirit be my counsel,
    your grace my intuition,
    your word my source of truth,
    your wisdom my sure guide...
Finally, I offer you my heart, Lord
    with all its tender, broken pieces,
        its chambers filled with sorrow, joy, 
            memories and desire;
    I offer you an earnest heart 
        that wants, tries, longs to love
    - and just as often fails
        and waits upon your mercy
        for pardon and for peace...

I offer all I am, Lord, all I have 
    and all I hope to be, to say and do this day:
hear me and receive my prayer,
    my Monday morning offering;
I praise you, Lord, my God,
    from whom every blessing flows...

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