Monday Morning Offering: November 7

Morning Coffee by George Mendoza
Good morning, good God!
Midterms are only hours away
    - more than 35 million have already voted!
So this morning I offer, I lift up to you, Lord:
    the people of the United States of America...

Only - we're not united, we're broken:
    we don't trust our leaders - or one another;
    we're so sure "we're right!"
        we refuse to study opposing views;
    we're duped and misled so much of the time
        and can't tell a lie from the truth;
    we need to study the meaning of words like
       freedom, liberty, equality and honor,
       integrity, duty, sacrifice and valor...
So, pierce our hearts, Lord:
    with the light of your word,
    your Spirit's wisdom 
    and the sword of your truth...   
Lead us, we pray:
    from fiction to fact,
    from greed to service,
    from corruption to justice...

Enlighten our minds
    with the power of knowledge,
    the grace of conscience
    and the gift of discernment...

Help us, Lord, 
    to know what's right,
    to choose what's good
    and to do what you'd have us do...
In your mercy, Lord, 
    give voters your counsel,
    our nation your grace
    and the world, through us, your peace...

Fill our hearts with the sense we need:
    to pray for guidance,
    to act with prudence
    and to vote with wisdom and vision...

You entrust the future
to our hands and decisions
    make us faithful to this task, Lord,
    and to the nation we cherish and love...





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