NIGHT PRAYER: Saturday 11/5

I wonder what you're thinking, Lord,
as millions this night conspire
    to turn back by sixty minutes
        our watches, clocks, devices and gadgets,
    pretending to gain an hour of light
        by cheating the night to save the day...

An artifice, Lord, that's all time is,
our meager, contrived and feeble attempt
    to measure what cannot be clocked,
    to track what slips through our open hands 
        like the wind passing by on a breeze... 

Who can save a breeze for tomorrow?
Who can stall the phasing moon
    or stay the sun in its rising?
Who can shorten the dark of night
    or lengthen the reach of the sun?

You alone, everlasting, eternal God,
    you alone are the Lord of time:
you caused the sun to rule in the day
    and the moon to rule by night... 

Only you in the dark of night rose up
    for you are the day that has no end;
yours alone is the light that saves,
    the glory no night can eclipse...

We can change our clocks but not the time:
    night and day belong to you, Lord,
but change our hearts with the light of your truth
    as we wait for that Day that never ends...
Protect us, Lord, while we're awake
and watch over us while we sleep
that awake, we might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...

God of Day and God of Darkness by Marty Haugen 

If a video doesn't appear below, click here!

God of day and God of darkness,
Now we stand before the night;
As the shadows stretch and deepen,
Come and make our darkness bright.
All creation still is groaning
For the dawning of your might,
When the Sun of peace and justice
Fills the earth with radiant light.

Still the nations curse the darkness,
Still the rich oppress the poor;
Still the earth is bruised and broken
By the ones who still want more.
Come and wake us from our sleeping,
So our hearts cannot ignore
All your people lost and broken,
All your children at our door.

Show us Christ in one another,
Make us servants strong and true.
Give us all your love of justice
So we do what you would do.
Let us call all people holy,
Let us pledge our lives anew,
Make us one with all the lowly,
Let us all be one in you.

You shall be the path that guides us,
You the light that in us burns;
Shining deep within all people,
Yours the love that we must learn,
For our hearts shall wander restless
'Til they safe to you return;
Finding you in one another,
We shall all your face discern.

Praise to you in day and darkness,
You our source and you our end;
Praise to you who love and nurture us
As a father, mother, friend.
Grant us all a peaceful resting,
Let each mind and body mend,
So we rise refreshed tomorrow,
Hearts renewed to Kingdom tend.

Gentle Father, Loving Mother,
Jesus, Brother, Savior, Friend;
Spirit of all grace and power,
May we praise you without end.
Grant us all a peaceful resting,
Let each mind and body mend,
So we rise refreshed tomorrow,
Hearts renewed to Kingdom tend.




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