Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 11/10

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Whether the day ahead is busy and full
or a day when I don't have that much to do,
I know that you, Lord, have your eye on this day
- and some ideas for how I might spend it...

If my day looks overbooked, Lord,
then show me which tasks are useless,
any foolishness I have scheduled,
and the precious time I waste
- when I make no time for you...

If my day is free and wide open,
then show me how you'd have me use it:
reaching out to those in need,
making peace wherever I'm able
spending time with someone alone
someone in need of a friend...

And if today's an in-betweener,
busy now, freer later,
show me the balance 'tween work and play,
how to spend this day as a gift,
24 hours entrusted to me
    to grow in faith,
    to live in hope,
    and to share my love of you
    in serving my every neighbor...





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