Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 11/15

I know the drill, Lord - we've been here before, you and I...
There's a grace that comes out of nowhere,
    an incentive, a sudden notion, a desire, a strength
to clean up, clear out and bring order 
    to some room or space in my life...
Last night I began, then, to plow through my study
    and I'll finish the work this morning.
I've sorted and pitched, I've tossed and bagged
    what I've no need to save or hold on to;
I've arranged and collected, I've filed and boxed
    any treasures deserving safe keeping...
Thanks for the nudge and the push, Lord,
    there's a freedom that comes from an ordered space
but my study is hardly your primary interest,
    my heart's the room you'd have me attend to,
    my mind's the workspace in disarray,
    my soul's the space in need of your grace
        and the calm of its peaceful order...
It's time to do some fall cleaning, Lord,
    in the yard, in my room, in my heart;
let the power of your Spirit blow strong and free 
    deep within and all 'round me
to refresh and clean and bring good order
    to my soul, my life and my prayer...
Room In Your Heart by Kip Fox
Listen to this song as if it it's the Lord singing to you...
If a video doesn't appear below, click here!

Is there room in your heart 
For a wanderer 
Is there bread on your table 
That I can eat 
Do you keep a coffee pot 
Do you keep an open lock 
Is there room in your heart for me 
Is there space in your day 
For an honest talk 
Is there any break at all 
You have free 
Tell me, do you have the time 
Would you mind if I stop by 
Is there room in your heart for me 
I wanna talk to you 
I want to hear all your cares 
I wanna comfort you 
I wanna catch all your tears 
Are you worried I’ll find 
What a mess you’ve made 
Is there something inside 
You don’t want me to see 
Are you scared that I might judge 
All the stains you can’t clean up 
Is there room in your heart for me 
I wanna talk to you, 
I want to hear all your cares 
I want to comfort you, 
I want to catch all your tears 
I want to show you that 
I am the friend that you need
Is there room in your heart for me




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