Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 11/22

Will I ever learn, Lord?

Will I ever learn not to panic
   when times are tough
   and I'm overwhelmed,
   confused and much afraid
      that nothing's going right?

Will I ever learn to lean on you?

Will I ever learn to hope that
   things will get better,
   peace will be mine,
   that tomorrow will come
      and all’s not lost?

Will I ever learn to trust in you?

Will I ever learn that
   you're on my side,
   you have my back,
   that with your help
      all shall be well?

Will I ever learn to count on you?

How many times will come this week
    when I might learn to 
        lean on you,
        trust in you,
        count on you,
        believe in you,
        have faith in you
        and hope in you
    and in your mercy, grace and help
        in your wisdom, strength and power,
        in your promise to abide with me
        in good times and in bad...
Will I ever, ever learn?
Lord, send your Holy Spirit
    to shake and wake my mind and heart
        and lead me by your light
until I learn to trust and lean on you,
    to count on you, and you alone,
        to find the peace I seek...




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