Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 12/2

Image source: Sugar Mountain Farm

OK, Lord: it's a new day
    and here we are again
        - just you and me...

I want to get to know you better, Lord,
    I want to get to know you better - today!

I want to know you're there.
Well, no, not there -
    I want to know you're here!

And I want to know that
    You. Know. Me.
and truly care about me...

Show up in my life today, Lord!

If I go out, 
    get in my car and ride with me
    to work, to school, to the store
        - to wherever I may be going...

If I'm staying home today, Lord,
    pull up a chair
        and sit right by my side...

Be obvious, be cryptic,
    be plain as day or mystical
- but most of all,
    just let me know you're with me...

Have a cup of tea with me,
    - a smoothie or a beer! 

Take a break with me,
    sit with me at lunch,
be there with me
    and let me know you're with me...

Whisper in my ear 
    or get right in my face!
Just say something 
    and let me hear it
        in my mind, my heart, my prayer...
Speak to me, Lord:
    in a sentence, a phrase, a word or a grunt;
in the pages of scriptures
    or in my heart's story;
in my thoughts, in a dream, in an image;
    in my joys and my sorrows
- or in the words of a friends and family
    right around me...

Speak to me, Lord:
    break the lonely silence
        and speak to me, Lord...

Unplug the ears of my heart
    and break through my stubborn doubts and pride
and let the sound, the word,
    the very breath of your presence
        enter and echo within me,
            somewhere deep inside me..
Speak, Lord, and help me hear you,
    help me listen to your word and trust you;
hep me trust you in your word 
    and trust you in your silence...

And listen, Lord:
    listen and help me trust
that you hear everything I say,
everything I hope and pray...





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