Pause for Prayer: MONDAY 12/26


 In the news, Lord, I've seen stories about
    providing dinners for the hungry,
    toys for needy children
    winter coats to warm the poor
    and hot showers for the homeless 
and at the end of such stories a reporter will say,
    "And that's what Christmas is all about..."
Of course, I don't think I've ever heard anyone claim
that "Christmas is all about"
    making lists of things I want,
    stuffing myself as well as a turkey,
    buying gifts that folks don't need,
    following sales as the season's reason,
    flooding my home with a thousand lights
        but seldom lighting a candle in prayer...
Truth be told, we do know, Lord, 
what Christmas is all about     
    but we forget,
    we get distracted,
    we fall for the commercials,
    we follow Hallmark, not your gospel
    and content ourselves with token gestures
        when deeds of love are what you seek...
We do know, Lord,
    help us live the truth we know...

Your birthday is now past, Lord, 
    but it never grows too late
to live our lives (and from our hearts)
    as those who know
        what Christmas day is all about...


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