Praying with and for Benedict…

These words are from Benedict’s last public letter 
    and are worth our reflection as we pray for him…

“Soon I will stand before the ultimate judge of my life.  
Although in looking back on my long life 
    I may have much cause for fear and dread, 
I have nevertheless a joyful spirit because I firmly trust 
    that the Lord is not only the righteous judge, 
    but, at the same time, the friend and brother 
    who has already suffered my inadequacies himself 
    and therefore, as judge, is at the same time my advocate. 
Looking at the hour of judgment, 
    the grace of being a Christian thus becomes clear to me. 
Being a Christian gives me knowledge 
    and, moreover, friendship with the judge of my life 
    and enables me to cross the dark door of death with confidence. 
In this regard, I am constantly reminded 
    of what John recounts at the beginning of Revelation.
He sees the Son of Man in all his greatness and falls to his feet, as dead. 
But He, laying His right hand upon him, says to him, 
    “Do not be afraid. It is I...” (cf. Rev. 1:12-17).”

~ Benedict XVI, in his last public letter
February 6, 2022




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