Monday Morning Offering: 1/2

Image: Geo65 drge Mendoza
Good morning, good God!
I've been thinking, Lord, this new year has
    12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days,
    8,760 hours, 525, 600 minutes 
and, truth be told I don't know
    and have but limited control over
what's going to happen in my life
    this afternoon and tonight...

That sure puts my New Year's resolutions in perspective!

It's not that I'm totally powerless, Lord:
    I generally have my wits about me,
    I believe I still think clearly, most of the time,
    I have free will and more than a fair amount of freedom
        to make decisions and choices
        based on my faith, rooted in prayer
        and blessed by guiding hand...
But I still don't know and have little sway
over what's going to happen today, Lord,
this afternoon and this evening...
But here are some words that have served me well
as I trust they will in the new year ahead...

    One day at a time...
    Let go and let God...
    Keep it in today...  
    Do the next right thing...
    All shall be well and all shall be well
        and all manner of things shall be well... 

    Do what's just, love what's good
        and walk humbly with your God...
    Keep it simple...
    Praise God from whom all blessings flow... 
So this morning, Lord,
    I offer you my heart, for this day
    and my will, for this day
    and my trust in your Spirit,
    for this afternoon and evening,
    for this day...
That's what I'll offer you today, Lord,
    and I'll trust the rest of 2023
        to you, to your mercy and your wisdom...





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