Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 1/6

On the traditional calendar, today would be Epiphany but we won't celebrate that feast until Sunday.  Our prayer this morning begins with an except from W. H. Auden's poem-oratorio, For The Time Being.
The Three Wise Men
The weather has been awful,
The countryside is dreary,
Marsh, jungle, rock; and echoes mock,
Calling our hope unlawful;
But a silly song can help along
Yours ever and sincerely:
At least we know for certain that we are three old sinners,
That this journey is much too long, that we want our dinners,
And miss our wives, our books, our dogs,
But have only the vaguest idea why we are what we are.
To discover how to be human now
Is the reason we follow this star.
As for the kings, the same for us:
    we've only a vague idea, Lord, 
of why we are and what we are
    and still - we follow the star...

Seeking you, we follow your star,
    you who seek us night and day;
we hope, at last, to find in you
    why we are and what we are...
As your star leads us to divinity
    we'll find our true humanity,
revealed, disclosed, enfleshed in you,
    our brother, God's only Son...
When the journey's hard and we're hungry
    and longing for things we're missing
seek us out in our seeking you, O Lord,
    by the light of your guiding star...





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