Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 1/12

Hard to believe, Lord:
     some folks still have their Christmas lights up
    but there's only 40 days between now
        and Ash Wednesday...
Only 40 days between now
    and the 40 days of Lent...
Only 40 days between now
    and a Lenten springtime
    of prayer and preparation
        for Easter's rising life and grace...
Seasons come and go,
they fade and flow in one great stream
    of joys and sorrows, prayer and fasting,
    works of mercy, songs of praise,
    waiting and anticipation,
    preparation, celebration, 
    meditation on what was 
    and is and yet will be
as in one great stream
    our seasons come, our seasons go
    and even when they fade still flow
    forever with your peace...





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