Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 1/26

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Lord, there's so much "I don't get,"
so much I don't understand...

So many things are a mystery to me,
so many things confound and confuse me
and sometimes make me a little bit crazy...

There's so much, Lord, there's too much
I just can't wrap my head around
- or my mind or my heart or my soul...

That's why I need to remember
and why I want to trust and hope:
    - that you completely understand
        everything I don't get;
    - that nothing's a mystery to you
         (though you're often a mystery to me);
    - that in the midst of any and all confusion
         you've got my back, you're on my side,
    - that together with you at my side, Lord,
        there's nothing I need fear...

So even when I say,
    "Good Lord, I don't get this!"
I know you've got this, Lord,
and I know you've got me...





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