Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 1/5

 It's only 1/5/23, Lord,
    and yes, I know you're always telling me,
    "Keep it in today"
but with a whole new year ahead of me,
well, I just can't help but wonder and muse
    (and anticipate in equal parts of
    of excitement, anxiety and trepidation)
  all that lies ahead...

Some of what's coming is predictable
    - things expected, planned and scheduled.
But how I'll experience all that, Lord,
    how it will touch and change me,
    how it will change my life -
all that I need to put in your hands,
    trusting you'll see me through
    with all the grace I need
    to get from here to there...

And some of what's coming, Lord,
    (even some of what I think I already know)
some of that may be, will be
    totally different than what I expect
and will have, will likely have
    depths and dimensions beyond my imagination.
And all this, too, I need to place in your hands,
    trusting you'll see me through
    with the wisdom I'll need
    to accept what comes my way,
    whatever comes my way...

And then, Lord,
    there'll be the totally unexpected.
In each and every year there come
    those hours, days and seasons
    of surprise and shock, of grief and joy,
    of challenge and consolation
of things I pray I'll never know
    and those I pray I will not miss.
And all this, too, I place in your hands, Lord,
    trusting you'll see me through
    with the faith I need
    to trust in you and in your word,
    in your presence, power and your strength...

4 days down, Lord
and you know better than I
all these first few days have held:
    the blessings I've received
    along with worries, tears and troubles
    and all the help you've offered me,
    your wisdom, grace and faith...
And 361 days to go!
Help me face them and live them 
    just the way they come to me,
    one day at a time
in wisdom, grace and faith





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