Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 1/176

(Today is the feast of Saint Anthony the Great)
Saint Anthony was right, Lord
    - and the time has come!
There's madness on all sides, Lord,
and craziness, everywhere, passes for sanity:
    logic?  a lost art...
    common sense?  rare, in short supply...
    wisdom?  impractical, passé...
    tradition? rigid and regressive...
    prudence?  YOLO! 
Problem is, Lord:
    it's so easy to lose sight
        of where in the madness I stand;
    too easy to judge "them" as crazy,
        and myself always sane,
    to dismiss as gone mad
        all who don't think like me...
So I pray for the grace
    to read, to study, to love and to live by
        the word of your counsel and truth...
I pray for the wisdom
    to believe there's a wisdom
        more sage than I can conceive or imagine...
I pray for a spirit, humble and modest,
    docile, open to learning and changing
        and growing each day in your grace...

I pray for the patience 
    to test all things, to weigh all my options
        and freely choose what your will provides...

I pray for the courage 
    to stand for what's good, what's holy and pure
        what's true and brings peace to my soul...

So, when the time comes and others go mad,
    I pray I'll be crazy, too, Lord
        - crazy in love with you!





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