Monday Morning Offering: 2/20

Image: George Mendoza
Good morning, good God!
In just 48 hours
    it'll be Ash Wednesday...
Lord, I want, actually I need,
for this to be a good Lent, a great Lent
- even my best Lent ever!

I need a new beginning, Lord,
a fresh start, a second chance with you:
I need your help
    to turn my heart around,
    to lead me on your path,
    to create my soul anew...

I need time, Lord,
    to count my sins and failings,
    to number all your mercies,
    to give you thanks and praise...

I want to know the refreshment 
    of being truly at peace with you;
I want to know the peace
    of being refreshed by your wisdom and truth;
I want to know the grace
    of the peace your wisdom brings...

You offer me these 40 days, Lord,
a season my heart needs so much:
    40 days of your mercy, kindness and  compassion, 
    40 days of your patience, understanding and pardon,
    40 days of your grace to heal and raise me up...

But as you know better than I, Lord,
    I've been here many, many times before...

As with New Year's resolutions,
my Lenten pledges often fail
before Ash Wednesday's mark
has faded from my brow...
So, I offer you my Lenten hope,
my pledge, my plea, my prayer
for help to keep me faithful,
this time 'round,
to my prayer, my fasting,
and my outreach to the poor...
Keep me modest in my promises
that this Lent, at last, I might be faithful
to taking a few small steps
on the path your Spirit shows me... 
And should I stumble and fail,
actually, Lord - when I stumble and fail -
I pray you'll pick me up, dust me off,
and set me once again 
on the Lenten path of grace... 
I offer you my ego, Lord and pray I take no pride 
in being faithful to your word 
and to where your wisdom draws me  
in the 40 days ahead:
    humble me with your mercy 
        and remind me every day
    that without your gracious help,
        I can do nothing on my own...
I offer you the 40 days ahead, Lord,
and pray you help me live this season
just one day at a time:
    help me to pray, one day at a time...
    help me sacrifice, one day at a time...     
    help me be generous to those in need,
        one a day at a time...

One day at a time, Lord:
    with you and with your people...

One day at a time,
    in your Spirit's grace and peace...

One day at a time, Lord,
    through these 40 days of Lent ..






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