NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 2/23

Lord of all mercy,
even before I sin,
before I even think of failing
    to abide by your word,
long before I fall from grace,
even then, your mercy is waiting, ready
    to pardon and forgive me,
    to mend me and to heal me,
    to lift me up into your arms...

I don't deserve such mercy -
    no good I've ever done
    could merit such a love
    as yours for me -
and yet your mercy and your love
are always there for me
and simply for the asking...

I can’t then help but wonder, Lord:
    who waits for my mercy?
    my pardon?
    my love?

Who waits on the other end
    of my long held grudges and resentments?
Who waits outside the door of my anger?
Who waits, Lord, on the other side
    of my "silent treatment?"
Who waits to be welcomed back into my life?
Who waits to hear my voice,
    to hear once more a loving word from me?  
Who waits for my compassion and kindness,
    for my patient understanding,
    for my pardon and my mercy? 
Who waits for my mercy, Lord,
    as I wait for yours?

And since your mercy for me
    is there even before I think to seek it
(long before my heart is moved
    to beg your gracious pardon)
must I not hold within my heart
    a generous store of mercy,
        ready for anyone who's hurt me?

If your love for me is so generous
    must I not be generous with others?
Must I not stand waiting, 
    ready to forgive,
    to speak a word of kindness,
    to mend and heal what's broken,
    to welcome back to my embrace
        any who've offended me?
God of mercy,
    you're always there for me,
ready to forgive and to embrace,
    especially in these Lenten days,
        this season of your mercy
and so I pray tonight:
    give me the grace I need
    to hold within in my heart
    a waiting store of  mercy, 
    ready for any, ready for all
    who wait for me to share it...
Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...
Tonight's song is a simple mantra set with intstrumental
interludes, a piece for helping us pray for God's mercy,
and for the grace to be merciful as the Lord is merciful...
Lord, In Your Mercy  by Val Goldsack

If a video doesn't appear below, click here!


Lent mercy 2016




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