NIGHT PRAYER: Wednesday 2/8

Be with me, stay with me,
close by my side... 

Speak to me, hear me
and answer my prayer...

Lead me and guide me
along the right path...

Show me each day
what you want me to do...
Calm my anger 
and heal my resentment... 
Stand as a guard
at the door of my lips...
Give me the grace
to make wise decisions...
Save me from harm,
from temptation and sin...
Hold me and mold me
as you'd have me be...
Fill me with hope
when worry consumes me...
Grant me the courage
to speak what is true...

Keep me at peace
with all those I know...
Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...
I'm amazed that this simple, beautiful song
hasn't received wider circulation!
A Simple Prayer by Michael Silversher
    performed by Celia Berk

If a video doesn't appear below, click here!
God bless America
God bless Afghanistan
God bless Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Iran,
God bless the heaviest load
God bless the hardest prayer
God bless the roughest road
God bless everywhere

God bless the ones who die
God bless the ones who live
God bless the ones who cry 
   and the ones who give
God bless the ones who dare 
   and when the day is done
God bless the ones who care
God bless everyone
God bless the grain of sand
   beside widest stream
God bless the smallest hand 
   that holds grandest dream
God bless darkest night
God bless brightest day
We will be wrong and right 
God bless us anyway
God bless our truest friends
   and yes, our enemies
God bless the bluest sky
God bless the blackest sea
God bless the evening air
God bless the morning sun
Please hear this simple prayer
God bless everyone
God bless this simple prayer
God bless everyone     




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