Pause for Prayer: Friday 2/10

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I know you speak to me all day long,
whether I'm listening or not
- and even through the night
while I'm fast asleep...

You speak in my heart, 
in my mind and my dreams,
in my hopes and my fears,
in my conscience
and in all my thoughts...

Sometimes your voice is loud and clear,
sometimes hushed and subtle,
sometimes just a whisper,
a quiet shuffling in my soul...

Sometimes I hear you plainly
and other times 
I totally miss the word you speak,
especially when the volume of life
is turned so high and full
I can hardly hear myself think
let alone listen for you,
to hear your voice
and the words you speak within me...
Help me find a time and place today, Lord,
to turn down the volume,
to tune out the noise around me
and listen, carefully and prayerfully,
for your word,
for the word I know you have for me


Speak, Lord, I'm Listening by Gary Ault
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