Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 3/26

Just 2 weeks now 'til Easter, Lord,
    just 14 days, 336 hours,
        20,160 minutes:
    to set aside some time each day
        to sit and talk with you...

    to go without some comfort
        I depend on way too much...

    to dig down deep and generously
        to help and serve the poor...
Lent is almost over, Lord,
just 2 weeks left 'til Easter: 
    14 days to turn my heart to you,
    336 hours to empty out whatever I don't need
        and make some room to fill my soul
            with your grace and healing presence...
Send your Holy Spirit, Lord,
to help me make the best of these two weeks,
these 14 days,
these 336 hours
and 20,160 minutes:
    to grow in faith, to grow in love
    and in the peace 
    for which I long...

Not a perfect fit, but I couldn't resist posting:
    Seasons of Love by Jonathan Larson
        performed by Pentatonix  
If a video doesn't appear below, click here! 





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