Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 3/2

Help me remember, Lord:
    Lent's not a marathon, contest or race,
        it's a time to slow down, breathe deeply and pray... 
    Lent's not a test, an exam to be passed,
        it's your invitation to love and be loved...
    Lent's not a season to go on a diet
        but a time for indulging what feeds the soul...
    Lent's not a season of guilt and shame,
        it's a springtime of mercy, of pardon and hope...
    Lent's not a trial, judgment or sentence,
        it's a grace, it's a blessing, a healing and gift...
    Lent's not a calendar, program or course,
        it's an exodus, journey, a path to new life...
May my fasting lead me to prayer, O Lord, 
    my prayer lead me to serve the poor
        and my deeds of mercy lead me to you...





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