Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 3.14

This post is an adaptation of a wonderful prayer written by Rev. Peter Bush pastor of Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church in Fergus, Ontario.
A Prayer for Pi Day (3.14)
God of mystery and revelation, 
    we rejoice that you reveal yourself 
        through the “Book of Nature.” 
All creation,
    from the smallest microbe to the largest star, 
    from the tiniest particle to the immensity of space, 
        bears witness to your glory.
    we rejoice in the desire you give to scientists 
    to explore and explain the universe. 
We thank you for their patient research 
    their commitment to understanding, 
    and their perseverance
        - all gifts from you. 
We thank you for their findings 
    which fill us with wonder and amazement.
    human beings have sought for millennia 
        to understand the universe, revealing its mysteries, 
            and bit by bit its mysteries. 
We thank you that the universe is so elegant and complex 
    that mathematicians and physicists, chemists and biologists, 
        have not come to the end of their discoveries.
    we thank you for people of faith who have engaged in science, 
        dispelling the idea that faith and science are enemies. 
Raise up more people of faith to engage in the sciences. 
May we be people who encourage young people to study science.
We thank you for the creative mind you gave 
       Katherine Johnson, Jonas Salk and so many others
and for the ways they've opened our eyes 
    to the magnificence of the universe
        and the mysteries of your creation.
For these we offer thanks and praise and
    in the name of Jesus Christ, the Word
    through whom all things have come to be.






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