Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 4/28

    Ruth Fleming Hamilton, Michael Murphy, Austin Fleming

Truth be told, Lord,
I don't remember this picture being taken
    - though here's the proof...
And I don't remember going to church that Easter
    - though I have do doubt that we did...
And though I remember my cousin with love,
    I don't remember him ever that small!
But I do remember those Easter bunnies!
They were plush and oh-so-huggable:
    and one for my sister and one for me
    - so we didn't have to share!
70 years ago, Lord...  70 Easters ago! 

And I do remember Jeannette and Theresa,
    my doting aunts who gave us the bunnies
and my mother and father,
    and memere and pepere and my aunts and uncles
who taught me to pray, who took me to church,
    who shared their faith and who were the first
         to tell me your Easter story...

70 years later, Lord,
I still remember those lovable bunnies
     now long gone and just a memory 
while my faith is still with me
    and I still pray
and rejoice in the Easter story
    and the peace it brings to my heart...






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