Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY

Easter Monday morning I had breakfast with old friends who live out of state now but were in the Boston area for Easter weekend.  I knew we hadn't been together for some time but I was amazed, in our conversation, to discover it's been longer than 6 years!
What a beautiful Easter gift, Lord:
    breakfast with old friends,
    the best kind of friends,
    friends who pick up
    right where they  left off,
    not for a moment 
    grieving the interlude
    but diving right in,
    seizing the moment,
    catching up,
    opening hearts,
    sharing stories,
    secure in the faith
    we share in you,
    held in the peace
    the sharing brings...

It's just like that with you, Lord:
    no matter how long it's been,
    no matter how far I've strayed
    (and regardless of why or when or how)
    you're always there
    with open arms
    to welcome me in,
    to the depths of your heart
    with patient mercy, warmth and love,
    at precisely the spot 
    where we left off
    when last I slipped away...
Your rising restores and reconciles all:
    the broken, the lost and all who have strayed
    from the light and the path of your word;
by the power of your Spirit then,
    welcome us back, one in you, Old Friend, 
    and at peace, Lord, with one another...




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