NIGHT PRAYER: Saturday 5/20

It's the weekend of the 50th anniversary of my ordination...

My heart and mind are filled, Lord, overflowing 
    with memories of the past 50 years,
        the past 76 years of my life...
I'm so grateful, Lord,
    that most of those memories are happy,
        are joyful, positive and uplifting,
        cheerful, bright and consoling,
    memories of achievement and success,
        good times of blessing and contentment,
        serenity and peace...
But other memories, Lord - not so much so...
Some memories are unhappy, even sorrowful,
    memories of times and places, people and relationships,
        when things did not go well
        or not as I had hoped or planned or prayed;
    when my rough edges scraped against
        my neighbor's heart and feelings;
    when loss or disappointment,
        misunderstandings and resentments
    weighed upon my soul
        with sadness and regret...

But I'm grateful for the grace, Lord,
    to review my past, the good and bad,
        mindful of your mercy
    of the power of love to heal, restore,
        refresh and bring to life again
    what was broken, bruised and wounded, 
        what I feared I'd lost forever...

So I'm grateful for it all, Lord,
    the good times and the bad,
    the sorrows and the joys,
for in all times, in all things,
    you reveal your faithful love,
    your sure, abiding promise
that in the end all shall be well,
    all shall be well,
    yes, all things shall be well...
Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
    and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
    and asleep, rest in your peace...

All Shall Be Well by Barbara Bridge
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All shall be well.  All shall be well, 
and all manner of thing,*
all manner of thing shall be well.

I lift up my eyes to the mountains;
from where shall come my help?
My help will come from God,
my creator, from God who made heaven and earth.

God will keep your feet from stumbling
and guard you as you rest;
for God never slumbers nor sleeps.
God is with you by day and by night.

For God will always guard you from evil
and keep your soul from harm;
and God will guard your coming and going,
both now and forever more.

*The refrain is a well known, much loved quote from 
Julian of Norwich who died in the early 15th century.
In the language of her time "All manner of thing" was
an acceptable figure of speech.  




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