Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 5/5

Some mornings, Lord,
    there's a mist
    inviting me,  drawing me in
    to its soft, gentle haze
and I follow,
    trusting the mystery
    that in the mist is you,
    only you,
    that there's nothing there to fear...
But some mornings, Lord,
    I shiver and retreat,
    when I meet that murky haze,
afraid the mist might swallow me
    to depths from which
    I might find no return...
It's the haze upon my heart
    that clouds my vision, Lord,
tempting me to wonder:
    is there promise in the mist
    - or should I trust my premonition?
Dare I step beyond the veil
    or will I hide inside my fears?
Will I follow where you beckon
    or withdraw in isolation?

Help me trust, Lord, 
    day by day,
help me trust that every day
    it's the same holy mist
    moving on the water,
    whispering my name, 
    wrapping me in mercy 
    and the mystery of your presence...

Remove the veil that clouds my sight,
my hope of finding you,
    in the presence and the peace
        of your Spirit's holy haze, 
    all mystical and hidden
        yet waiting to reveal
            all my heart and soul desire...





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