Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 5/11

Lord, you see everything I do 
   and everything I fail to do
and yet you pardon and forgive me
   and still call me your own...

Trusting in your mercy, then,
   I dare, in prayer, to ask, Lord:
      "When today will I play the fool?"

When, today, will I turn from your wisdom
   and do what I deem to be wiser?

When, today, will I ignore your word
   to follow advice - that I give myself?

When, today, will I fail to heed
   the counsel you offer 
        to guide my words and my deeds?

It takes but a moment: 
    I step from your path 
        and apart from your lead I lose my way...

It takes but an instant to tune you out
    and hear nothing more than I want to hear... 

It takes but a second to forget what what's right
    and choose instead what pleases me,
        what makes things go my way... 

I dare then, in prayer, to ask you, Lord:
      "When today will I play the fool?"
What a dunce am I to have in my heart
    your counsel, your truth and
        and your Spirit to guide me,
    to have all this - yet play the fool - 
        and walk a path that leads to trouble; 
    to have in my mind the wisdom of ages 
        and yet make a choice 
    that becomes my pattern, then my path
        - and finally, my regret...

So help me remember how wise you are 
   - and how foolish I can be;
don't let me ignore your counsel today
   as I make decisions and choices...

Help me see my foolish ways, Lord
   help me hear my foolish words,
      keep me from acting in foolish ways;
give me clarity, insight and strength
   and the will to live by wisdom's light...

Refresh my memory, Lord,
   of all I've learned from your word
      and all I know of your truth...

Refresh my memory, Lord,
   of what my mistakes have cost me
     and what my past has taught me... 

Remind me, Lord,
   how my deepest peace has always come
      from following where you lead,
         wherever your path may take me... 

Let me see with your eyes what comes my way
    and hear in my heart what you'd have me do;
help me find the peace I know will come
    when I follow your wisdom, your word and your will...






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