Pause for 7/29: SATURDAY

Putting in a request here, Lord,
and I hope you don't think
it's too much to ask for...

I need and I'm asking for one day,
- just 24 hours -
one day free of surprises, interruptions, distractions
and those out-of-nowhere complications...

OK, I know:
    that's a lot to ask...

So, how about one day,
    - just 24 hours - 
without too many surprises, interruptions, distractions
and just plain unexpected bumps in the road...

And I know:
    that's a lot to ask for, too...

So, how about this, Lord?
How about I just ask for the
patience, grace and wisdom I need
to face and handle,
to make my way over, around and through
whatever comes my way in the day ahead
    - in the next 24 hours...

And I'm pretty sure, Lord  
    - that's not too much to ask...
So, help me to trust, to see and to find
that with you at my side,
with your strength and help,
I can face whatever may come my way
- for the next 24 hours...






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