Pause for Prayer: Friday 7/14

On my daily walk here in Georgetown,
    I pass this small park in the image above.

And on the back side of that pine tree 
    is this small plaque.

 Lord, I only know three things about Ned Davis:
    he was born in 1912, died in 1997
        and was a good friend of Henry...
And the only thing I know about Henry?
    He was Ned's good friend.
Indeed, raised brass letters testify
   to the depth and bond of friendship 
        shared by these two men...

I wonder...
    did they sometimes come to sit and chat
        here, in Anderson Park?
Did they rest here after a morning walk
    or meet at dusk to share the day's events?
What joys and sorrows did they share
    and help each other bear?
And once his friend had passed,
    did Ned still return 
to reminisce and entertain again 
    the friendly arguments, talks and jokes,
once shared with Henry,
    his trusted, loyal friend... 

Of such things I can't speak, Lord.
I know only this: Ned and Henry were friends
    and I'll bet they were the best of friends
        - and I'm glad they've let me know...

What a grace, this small bronze souvenir
    of friendship, tried and true!
How many friendships just as strong,
    as deep and deeply shared
go unremarked, forgotten, lost
    to all but those who shared them?

Make me grateful, Lord, 
    for my good friends,
for those I hold within my heart
    and in whose heart I find my home...
Make me grateful for the many ways
    my friends have shared my load,
have made life's journey easier
    by staying by my side...
And if not in burnished lettering
    then on your own heart, Lord,
inscribe the names of my good friends
    that we might truly be, 
    best friends forever...


You've Got A Friend by Carole King
   performed by James Taylor 
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