Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 7/15

Why Lord, 
   do I tire more easily of doing what's right 
   than I do of choosing what's wrong? 

Not always, but more often than not,
   I know what's right and what's wrong,
   I know the difference between the two and
   I know which path I should walk...

But the wrong path's often a short cut
   with bells and whistles, and lights and glitter along the way...
The path to what's right seems longer, harder,
   and steeper than traveling the low road...

I'm old enough, smart enough, perhaps even wise enough
   to know which way is a dead end
      of momentary thrills and empty pleasures...

And I know that the harder path, the right one,
   will lead to truth, to what satisfies my heart,
      to a place and peace you want for me...

Help me keep a good, clear conscience, Lord:
   to know what you ask of me, 
      go where you lead me, 
         and do the right thing in each choice I make...

Give me the heart and the will to pursue
   what I know to be good and true...

When I'm tired or bored, anxious or angry,
      when I'm lazy or lost in self-pity,
give me grace and spirit to do the right thing
   and not tire of walking your path...
Let me not grow slack or careless,
   restless or distracted:
and especially in those times,
   help me do what's right, say what's right
      and make the right decision...

Keep me awake and alert on the road I travel,
   to walk, step by step, by your side
      and keep my eyes on the prize...

You are near, here by my side,
   and you never grow weary of me and my problems:
may I never grow weary of seeking you, Lord,
   and of doing the next right thing...





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