Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 7/6

I've posted this prayer before 
but this time I've added 3 dozen new categories
and I'm posting it as a checklist: 
    we all need different help on different days... 
Lord, please give me 
_____the strength
_____the drive
_____the patience
_____the trust
_____the diligence
_____the serenity
_____the common sense
_____the humor
_____the courage 
_____the loyalty
_____the generosity 
_____the vision
_____the traction
_____the smarts
_____the soul
_____the perception
_____the balance
_____the humility
_____the backbone
_____the stability
_____the energy
_____the insight
_____the resources
_____the wisdom
_____the spirit
_____the daring
_____the understanding
_____the resolve
_____the gentleness
_____the self-restraint
_____the integrity
_____the tenacity
_____the friends
_____the intelligence
_____the counsel
_____the joy
_____the character
_____the grit
_____the kindness
_____the intuition
_____the good judgment
_____the confidence
_____the temperament
_____the mercy
_____the imagination
_____the support
_____the faith
_____the conscience
_____the rest
_____the emotions
_____the guts
_____the tenderness
_____the curiosity
_____the get-up-and-go
_____the savvy
_____the foresight
_____the knowledge
_____the dreams
_____the nerve
_____the mindset
_____the health
_____the inner peace
_____the muscle
_____the will
_____the determination
_____the grace
_____the hope
_____the perseverance
_____the compassion
_____the tolerance
_____the self-control
_____the heart
_____the stamina
_____the understanding
_____the love 
_____the discipline
_____the steadiness
_____the desire
_____the endurance
and whatever it takes
and whatever I need, Lord,
to meet the troubles and challenges
that come my way today...
Be my guide and help, Lord,
    in everything I do,
    in all I want to do,
    and all I need to do 





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