Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 7/18

Saw some signs on the road, Lord,
that got me to wondering if you wouldn't mind
placing signs just like these
along the path of my humble journey...
Oh, I know there'll always be bumps on my road
- some big, some small -
but if you could just give me 
a warning, a hint, a clue 
as to what lies ahead on the path for me...
Some kind of sign, Lord, a caution
when trouble's ahead, a bulge in the pavement 
set to upset the smooth ride I'm on
or very much want to be taking...
Just a sign to slow my hurried pace,
my waste-making haste,
my rushing and speeding
and failing to see
the bumps 
on the road head...
And sometimes, Lord, it's you,
installing your speed bumpts
to slow me down and ease my pace,
give me time
    to rest
     and renew my strength;
   to be mindful
      of those around me;
   to be faithful
      to you in prayer;
   to rest and ponder with care
      the journey I'm on and
      why I'm rushing and
      tripping and falling on
      bumps in the road
      - getting me nowhere fast...
So, just slow me down, Lord:
whether big bumps or small,
I know they'll be there...
Just slow me down, Lord,
to make the time 
to be mindful of you, my neighbor, myself
and the bumpy road I'm traveling
making my bumpy way
home to you...





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