Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 8/27

A friend on FaceBook posed an interesting question.
    If you knew that the next song you'd hear 
    would be the last song you'd ever hear:
        what song would you choose?
As soon as I read the question, I knew my answer:
    a song I chose as a prelude
    for my 50th Anniversary of Ordination mass.
What song would you choose for yourself?
What is there about the musical genre, 
    the melody and the lyrics that influence your choice?
How is that song a prayer for you?
Can you pray that song today?
Would you be willing to share the title of your song
    in the comments here or on my FaceBook page?
Here's my choice for the last song I'd want to hear...

Simple Song from MASS by Leonard Bernstein
    sung by Alan Titus
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Sing God a simple song, lauda laude*
Make it up as you go along, lauda laude
Sing like you like to sing, 
God loves all simple things.
For God is the simplest of all, 
For God is the simplest of all.
I will sing the Lord a new song, 
to praise him, to bless him, to bless the Lord.
I will sing his praises while I live, 
all of my days.
Blessed is the man who loves the Lord,
Blessed is the man who praises him.
Lauda, lauda, laude, 
and walks in his ways.
I will lift up my eyes, 
to the hills from which comes my help.
I will lift up my voice to the Lord, 
singing lauda, laude.
For the Lord is my shade, 
is the shade upon my right hand.
And the sun shall not smite me by day, 
or the moon by night.
Blessed is the man who loves the Lord 
lauda, lauda, laude,
And walks in his ways.
Lauda, lauda, laude, 
lauda, lauda di da di day
All of my days

* Lauda, Laudē = praise!





  1. Yahweh’s Love will last forever, His faithfulness til the end of time. (60 years a Religious woman)

  2. The last song I want to hear before leaving this world is the Litany Of Saints.

  3. The last song I want to hear before leaving this world is The Litany of Saints


Please THINK before you write
and PRAY before you think!