NIGHT PRAYER: Saturday 9/2

Labor Day weekend, Lord!
    And I've been thinking about some work I need to do...

I need to work harder at understanding folks
 whose politics are different from mine,
 even very different from mine..

I need to work at moving
     - beyond their slogans and stump speeches
     - through their deceptions and half-truths
     - above their snarky, sarcastic name-calling
         to get beyond
     - my own boiler plate rhetoric
     - through my own deceptions and half-truths
     - above my snarky, sarcastic name calling
     - out of my bias and prejudice
     - around my stubborn resistance
     - deeper than my flip, untested theses
         and closer to understanding 
             why others believe as they do...
I need to dig deeper, Lord,
    to see how they see truth and justice
        where I don't see it at all...
 I need to work at acknowledging:
   - that they're as sincere in their beliefs
         as my side is in ours
  - that not all the bad guys are on their side
         and not all the good guys are on mine
  - that neither side has all the answers:
       we're all sometimes right
          and we're all sometimes wrong...
So, that's the hard work I face, Lord,
 and to do  it I need to let go:
     - my pride and rigid resistance
     - the conviction that I'm always right
     - the notion that they have nothing to teach me
         and I have all the answers  
     - and assuming that you're on my side, Lord,
         and want nothing to do with the them...
That's a lot of work - and to achieve even some of that
    I'll need strength and rest -and so I pray:
protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
    and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
    and asleep, rest in your peace...

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Sometimes it’s easier to jump to conclusions 
Than walk across the street 
It’s like I’d rather fill the blanks with illusions 
Than take the time to see 
You are trying to close the back door of your car 
You are balancing the groceries and a baby in your arms 
You are more than just a sign in your front yard 
You are my neighbor 
I can get so lost in the mission 
Of defending what I think 
I’ve been surfing on a sea of opinions 
But just behind the screen 
You are grateful that the work day’s finally done 
You are stuck in miles of traffic, looking at your phone 
You are tryin’ to feel a little less alone 
You are my neighbor 
When the chasm between us feels so wide 
That it’s hard to imagine the other side 
But we don’t have to see things eye to eye 
For me to love you like you are my neighbor 
My neighbor 
Oh, to fear the unfamiliar 
Is the easy way to go 
But I believe we are connected 
More than we might ever know 
There’s a light that shines on both the rich and poor 
Looks beyond where we came from and who we voted for ‘
Till I can’t see a stranger anymore 
I see my neighbor 
May my heart be an open door 
To my neighbor 
You are my neighbor




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