NIGHT PRAYER: Wednesday 9

 I saw this online: 

I don't think I'm addicted, Lord,
but I know there's a thing or two,
or maybe three or four or more things,
foolish things for which 
    I give up, 
    put aside, 
    dance around 
other, so much more valuable things 
    that are important,
    that I desire, need and want,
    that are good for me,
    and good for those I love and who love me,
things that are
    beautiful, sound and lasting,
    enriching, life-giving and healthful,
    simple, pure and solid,
    honest, real and true...
For sure, Lord,
there is a thing or two,
maybe three of four or more things,
    that hold me back, 
    keep me down,
    and fill my life with junk;
foolish things that
    steal my time,
    rot my brain,
    distract, confuse and fool me;
empty things that
    dull my very soul,
    desensitize my conscience,
    blunt my joy in living
    and sap me of my strength;
crazy, useless things that
    defeat my best intentions
    damage my integrity
    and serve no useful purpose...

Help me, Lord!
Help me recover what I've lost,
    what I desire, want and need,
    what's good for me to have,
    what will help me grow in love,
    what will calm my fears
        and bring me peace of mind,
    what will help to become
        the person you created me to be...

There are some things, Lord,
for which I give up way too much:
 help me name those things tonight...
And give me the grace I need, Lord,
    to let go the things that bind me
that finally I'll be free
    to welcome and receive
all the good things, gifts and blessings
    you have in store for me...   

Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
    and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
    and asleep, rest in your peace...
These Alone Are Enough by Dan Schutte
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