Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 10/14

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Some days, Lord, I wonder where you are.
Some days I just can't seem to find you.
Some days I wonder if you've forgotten or abandoned me
    - or if, in fact, you were ever there to to begin with...

But you are there, Lord,
even when such thoughts cross my mind
or lodge in my heart,
    - even then, you're there...

When I'm too busy
to make time for you in my day,
    - you're there...

Though I may forget or ignore you
    for days and weeks on end
    - you're there, Lord...

Whether I'm faithful to your word
or doing whatever the hell I want,
    - you're there, Lord...

In good times and in bad,
in sickness and in health,
    - you're always there, Lord...

Whether I'm at peace with all around me
or consumed by bitterness and anger
    - you're there, Lord...

Whether I see you in my neighbor
or miss you altogether
    - you're there, Lord...

Whether I walk the path you chart for me 
    or strike out on my own,
at every twist and turn
    - you're there, Lord...

You're there, Lord, always there:
    before me, behind me, beside me,
    above me, below me, within me...
    you never leave my side...

You're here, Lord, always here:
    with me and for me
    in every moment, in every hour
    of every day of my whole life...

Attune me to your presence, Lord,
    your faithful, abiding presence
and let me not forget 
    that you're here, you're there
        - you're everywhere!
Whether I invite you or bar you,
welcome or reject you,
trust or doubt you,
see or ignore you,
embrace or deny you,
follow or leave you,
you're there, Lord, you're here, Lord,
    - as you're with me even now...





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