October 4: Saint Francis Day!

    Saint Francis by Daniel Bonnell
Today is the feast of Saint Francis and this post is my gloss on a prayer usually attributed to him.  Daniel Bonnell's art (used with permission) gives us Francis with a dove of peace and a visual quote from Francis' Canticle of the Sun praising Brother Sun and Sister Moon.
Lord, make me an instrument of your peace...

Where there is hatred, let me sow love...
When politics tempt me to demonize the other side,
when my envy delights in workplace intrigue,
when my thoughts walk the edge of anger's path,

when I'm tempted to endorse a violent solution,
when I think I'm excused from the golden rule:
    teach me to sow the seeds of love

    and to love, Lord, as you've loved me...

Where there is injury, pardon...
When my words cut sharp as a knife,
when my idle gossip tears others apart,
when my careless deeds wound others deeply,

when I plan and scheme to diminish a colleague:
    teach me to pardon and heal, Lord,
    as you've healed and pardoned me...

Where there is despair, hope...
Teach me, Lord,
to hope when I'm unsure of so many things,
to trust when I want so much to give up,
to believe when I'm confused and dealing with doubt:
    teach me to share your truth and my hope
    with those who seem to have neither...

Where there is darkness, light...
Teach me, Lord, to trust in your light when all is dark,
to walk by your light when shadows beckon,
to stand firm in your light when darkness threatens
and to share the warmth and truth of your light
with any and all who seek it...

Where there is sadness, joy...
Lighten my heart with the gifts of your Spirit,

draw me out of my pouting self-pity, 
heal my heartache with the peace of your presence,  
lift my heart's burdens and free me to share
the gift of your joy, the joy of your grace...

O Divine Master...
Teach me find the peace that comes

    in forgiving my sisters and brothers; 
help me console my neighbor in grief
    regardless how deep my own pain maybe;
help me discover the depths of your love 

    by learning to love those I see every day
and in serving the needs of those right around me,
    help me discern what I need the most...

Teach me to give from my heart, Lord

    as your heart gives to me;
teach me to pardon my neighbor's faults

    as you pardon all of mine;
and deepen my trust, my faith and belief
    that in dying to self
    I rise to new life,
    to life forever

    and peace without end..

Prayer of St Francis by Allen Pote 
If videos don't appear below, click here!


And if you're pining for the more familiar version, here it is!





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