Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 11/14

Photo by Miguel Nieves












Miguel is an old friend from my days as campus minister
at Emerson College in Boston.  When he posted this photo, 
I immediately saw a prayer stirring in those leaves!

Gold leaf pressed beneath my feet,
my path embossed in amber beauty
dusted with your glory, Lord,
precious 24 carat proof:
your grace glows all around me...
As gold is tried and tested, then,
refine my soul in purifying flames:
let your Spirit's fire heal me, Lord,
'til, good as gold, I gleam and glow
as treasure in your hand...


    sung by Katie Torwalt
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You see what’s hidden under the surface 
You see the beauty under the tarnish 
You will find in fire what You call gold 
You will find in fire what You can mold 
Find me here in Your presence 
I’m not leaving the same 
Let Your refining fire 
Purify me again 
Let the weight of Your glory 
Bring me back to my knees 
O God come with revival 
You can start it in me 
You have purpose, You see the outcome 
You have intention, You’re bringing freedom 
New hope, new life, new wine 
We come together with 
One breath, one voice, one cry 
Jesus our Savior




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