A prayer - and a song - for those who grieve on this Christmas day...

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Christmas is here...  Here's my prayer for those who are grieving in the holiday season.  Please share this with any who might find it helpful...
There's an empty chair near the tree, Lord,
and an ache in our hearts,
and tears on our cheeks...

We'll  try to shield one another
from the loss and the grief we bear
but we know we can't hide it from you...

We pray for 
    (name the loved ones you're remembering)
whose presence we miss so much
    in these days meant for peace and for joy....

Open our hearts, our minds and our souls
    to your healing, and the warmth and light
         of your presence...

We pray and we trust that those we miss
    are now in the place you prepared for them:
        their home in your heart of hearts...

Gently open our hearts, Lord,
    to memories of all the love we shared
        with those who've gone before us...

Help us tell the stories that draw us back
    to Christmases shared with the ones we miss...

Teach us to lean on you and each other
    for the strength we need
        to walk through this season a day at a time...
Be with us as, Lord, as we trim the tree
    and sing and cry through Christmas carols;
help us find and open the present you bring:
    a gracious gift from the Prince of Peace...

Give us quiet moments with you, this week,
    calm our restless hearts in prayer;
bless our memories, stories and tears 
    with hope of finding joy in your birth...

Be with us, Lord, and hold us as close
    as you're holding our loved ones,
        slipped from our arms into yours...

Help us look to the day when we'll meet again
    when your mercy gathers us home to you
        in the joy of the life you promise...

Christmas - a day that you've made, Lord -
    a day of promise, of love and grace!
Help us find in this day and the year ahead
    your blessing of peace and joy...

Rest in Peace, by Peter Skellern
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