Memories of Advent Wreaths Past

I'm thoroughly enjoying retirement and grateful for the ministerial opportunities I have in the parish where I now live.  Still, there are some things I miss about being a pastor and the Advent season brings them to the fore.
I miss having a church to "dress" for the Advent season.  I miss the company of the women and men who worked so hard to make our worship space a sanctuary for Advent prayer and reflection.  I miss putting together the Advent wreath and inviting different people at each weekend mass to come and light the candles. I miss getting roses and baby's breath to add to the wreath on the Third Sunday of Advent - and inviting folks at Evening Prayer that night to take a rose home with them.  I miss singing Evening Prayer in a candle lit church on Sunday nights.  I miss the wreaths on the church doors and around the sanctuary and the garlands on the choir loft and ambo - all studded with purple bows.  I miss many things but I'm grateful, oh so grateful, for memories like these and a photo like the one above that wakes those memories as souvenirs of grace filled years spent with the people of God in prayer, waiting to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!





  1. Wonderful memories at Holy Family, thanks for posting the lovely photo and thanks for your presence for so many years in West Concord as well.

  2. We played bells! Wore rose! Missed you!


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