Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 12/30

A new year begins on Monday, Lord
    and I’m praying I'll begin 2024
       as best I can - and with your help!

If there’s one thing I’m sure of - it’s this:
    I can’t count on myself
        to make the changes I need to make...
Only with your help, Lord,
    will I change and grow 
       and turn my heart around
          - only with your help…

You're the Lord of
    freely given pardons,
    second chances,
    clean slates,
    fresh starts
    and new beginnings
- and I'm gonna need all of the above
      as I begin a new year…

Most of all, Lord, 
   refresh and restore my hope 
that, indeed, I can make
    a new beginning, a fresh start,
and that you'll give me
    the second or hundredth chance I need
        to hear your word and follow you,
        to live as I truly want to live,
        to do what I know you call me to do,
        to love as I truly want to be loved
        and to pray as I truly need to pray…

Don’t let my regret over
    past, failed attempts
keep me from trusting  
   that with your help 
        I can do, I can accomplish,
        I can realize my heart’s true desires
    and live in peace with all, 
        faithful to your word…

Make me modest in my pledges, Lord:
    let my new beginning be reasonable,
    my intentions pure and generous;
    my efforts guided by your Spirit
    and my success be the fruit of your grace…

Show me, Lord, in my heart of hearts,
    what you'd have me resolve;
help me persevere and follow through
    in the year that lies ahead...

Help me live the new year 
    one day at a time,
each day filled with your mercy,
    with your freely given pardon
and all the second chances,
    clean slates and fresh starts
        that fall from your heart and hand...

January 1 will be the day that you make, Lord,
    help me live and keep it in your grace and peace;
bless and keep me as a new year dawns
    and I pledge again to walk in your light...





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