Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 12/19

It's hard to believe that it was nearly 34 years ago that I sang the lead vocal on this beautiful Advent song, One Voice, composed by Rachel Burckardt.  The musicians on the recording were from the Wood Harbor Ensemble and the choir of St. Ann University Parish in Boston where I served as a campus minister for Northeastern University and Emerson College.  Today's post includes One Voice followed by the day's Pause for Prayer...

Let's pause and pray...
Your one voice calls me, Lord:
you speak to my heart,
in my life's wilderness,
in all its dry and barren places...

You call me by name
to prepare a way for you
who come to make of my desert
a lush and blooming garden...

You call me to change,
to change my desires, my habits, my ways:
to clear a smooth path
for you to come and dwell within me...

You call me to make peace,
to be a peacemaker where I am, where I live,
where I work and where I rest,
from day to day, a day at a time...

Of all the voices 'round me, Lord,
help me hear your one voice calling me
to make a way, a place for you to dwell
deep within my soul this Christmas...








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