NIGHT PRAYER: Sunday 1/21

On Sundays, Night Prayer will focus on an element from the day's celebration of Mass. Tonight our prayer comes the God calling Jonah in the first reading and the Lord calling Simon, Andrew, James and John in the gospel - and the Lord's calling each of us today...  

In the scriptures, Lord, 
    you called many to follow you, Lord, 
        to walk with you and share in your work...
Some of those you called resisted and refused,
    while others responded more willingly and quickly...
I think I'm somewhere in between,
    but too often I'm much closer to resistance 
        than I am to receptivity...

So I pray tonight that you might:
    make me more attentive to your voice, to your call;
    open my heart wider as I try to respond;
    deepen my trust in what you ask me to do;
    and give me the courage to go where you lead...

Help me see
    how your plans for me
        exceed my own;
    that you'll give all I need
        to do what you ask;
    that you'll give me wisdom
        to make the right choices;
    that you'll give me hope
        to push on through my doubts;
    that you'll walk by my side
        in good times and bad;
    that despite my response
        you'll never stop calling,
    that you're faithful to me     
        day in and day out;
    that following is you
        is my one path to peace...

You are my way, Lord
    my truth and my life,
call me to follow 
    and give me the grace
to respond with trust
    when you call my name...
Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...


Servant Song  by Donna McGargill, OSM

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