Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 1/12

I have so many reasons to thank you, Lord -
   more than I can count!
Still, I'm often more inclined 
    to bring you my complaints,
    my grievances, my wants and needs,
         my trials and troubles...
Not that this day's without problems, Lord -
   I've got plenty of those - more than enough!
But today I come to thank you 
   for the gifts and blessings, 
        the grace and help you've given me 
            so often and so freely...

I thank you for the many times 
   you've stood right by my side and held me up
      when my strength was sapped 
        and hope was hard to find...

I thank you for the times you've healed my heart
    of brokenness I thought would never mend,
    of pain I thought would never end,
    of fears I thought would haunt me all my life...

I thank you for the nudges, the pushes
   and sometimes the shoves you've given
to wake me up, get me going, move me along, 
   put me on the right course, redirect my path,
      set me straight and given me what I needed
         just to do the next right thing...

I thank you for your Spirit helping me to be honest
   - with myself, with you and with others;
I thank you for the courage to speak the truth
   - to myself, to you and to others;
I thank you for the help I need to say I'm sorry
   - to myself, to you and to others;
I thank you for the grace to forgive myself and others;
I thank you for the will to surrender
   to the truth, to wisdom, and to your love...

I thank you for the ways you show your care for me:
   in the words and deeds and help that friends and family offer;
   in the kindness of strangers;
   in the unexpected joy that comes my way 
      when my eyes, ears and heart are open to your presence;
   in the whisper of your Spirit in my thoughts and in prayers...

I thank you for the peace of knowing that you're always with me
   in good times and bad, in sickness and in health;

I thank you for the joy of days and years gone by 
   and for memories still lingering in my soul; 
I thank you for happy times I used to know
   and the promise, the hope there's more to come...

I thank you for the times, and there've been many,
   when your mercy pardoned all my sins
and gave me, when I feared there couldn't be,
    a new beginning for my journey...

I thank you for the faith, the trust I have in you
   and in your wisdom and your word;
I thank you for gift of knowing 
    that you call me by my name,
    that you know me inside out 
        - and yet you love me nonetheless...
I thank you for your giving me the grace I need 
    to walk in faith and not to fear
because you're always at my side
    with your mercy and your peace...




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